Sylvester Stallone's Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger – one of Stallone’s best movies

Stallone plays a member of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Team who must locate five climbers stranded on top of a mountain as a storm closes in. The distress call that comes in turns out to be a trap set by international terrorists who have crashed landed into the mountainside, losing their valuable cargo. Now, they …

Premium Rush

Premium Rush – a bike messenger movie you must watch

You really must watch Premium Rush. Whether you love bicycles that ride on the city streets or you secretly want to run down every damn cyclist you see on the road, you will enjoy this movie. Why? Because it’s authentic. Kudos to director David Koepp on his screenplay and movie Premium Rush. He must have …

Quitting time

It’s been a little over a year since I got off the bike as a full time messenger. And life sure has changed from a bike riding standpoint for me. Now I regularly get dropped on my Tuesday night mountain bike ride, I ride my road bike home from work once a week (I drive …

Messenger movies are boring

I know, I know, I made a messenger documentary and yet I say they are boring. They are. Or at least to me. I try to like watching people ride their bikes and talk about their bikes and enjoy the lifestyle. But to me it’s not much different than watching people surf.

If you do something, ie: ride or surf, then you find true enjoyment in doing that something, and watching it can be boring. This all hit me the other day as I was watching skate video’s on Youtube and loving it! It’s because I can’t skate. (Or at least without falling off my board a lot, which sucks, making it not fun.) But what is fun is living vicariously through other skaters who rip.

So, if you can then do, if you can’t… watch it!