Sex thing

There just aren't enough girl messengers.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. If you want to do something you have to just do it. There is no substitute for action, not words. So when people call me in San Diego and ask how they can be a bicycle messenger I give them two choices. Start their own messenger company in San Diego and they too can be a bicycle messenger by lunchtime. OR, move to New York City and you can walk into most messenger company’s and be working by lunchtime. But the next best thing to being a bicycle messenger is reading Jeff Kidders book Urban Flow. It covers both good and bad aspects of being a messenger. When I read it I was both proud and ashamed to be a messenger for 11 years.

Today I took another page from his book and doctored it up in Photoshop. The idea is that there just aren’t that many girl messengers. (And I took heat for it at the SF screening. During QandA a woman stood up and screamed, “Why the hell no girls in your movie!!!”) ¬†Well, it’s a dirty, stinky, macho kind of job. But the girls that do messenger seem to have the one defining trait of most couriers; they love riding bikes. So at the end of the day, boy or girl, it’s always about the bike.