I traditionally do not put “highly organized” under the heading of “personal strengths” on my resume. But in this case I would. You see, when you film for nearly a year and are continually going back into old stuff you shot to edit with new stuff you shot you have to be organized. Now some would argue that I could have been more organized. But my definition of organized has alway been, “Do I know exactly where to start looking for (Fill in blank)” And when it comes to the footage of Career Courier I can say yes. So for example if I wanted to find certain clip of James’ racing bike. Boom, right here.

Highly Organized
Bike Wheel

James Bike Racing Wheel


I know, impressive, interesting, ok not really. So let’s talk about the actual material. Each tape holds one hour of video. I ended up with about 60+ tapes. I also shot around 10 hours of video from my GoPro camera. It really doesn’t seem like a lot of material to me for an 86 minute film. That is until you find out that you end up watching every minute of each piece of video a minimum of three times. You watch it when you record it. You watch it when you watch it when you import it and you end up watching it a third time when you make transcription notes. That just gets you to the beginning of editing the film. So if you narrow 60 hours down to 2 hours you end up watching the clips from that rough cut about 1,000 more times. I’m telling you, it’s not easy being a filmmaker! By the time you are done with the movie you are convinced it will be about as exciting as watching paint dry. But staying in the theme of “What it takes to make a film” here is one more “Extra” clip that didn’t even make the film but I have watched it a hundred times. And given enough time, I love it again.