Look out below!

I love how the BSNYC (Bike Snob New York City) so easily and cleverly posts pictures and writes witty stuff about them. I won’t even pretend I can do something similar. But I can post stills of the film and give you a “behind the scenes” story about the shots. Because every shot from the film has a story. This was taken from the sixth floor fire escape at 1111 Sixth avenue. When I got to the top of the building and was leaning over the fire escape I knew I would have to somewhat stage the shot so I called Rick to ride by. Rick was busy and said he needed 15 minutes. So I called another San Diego bicycle ┬ámessenger, Josh, and instructed him to do a ride by and I got the shot I wanted.

I wanted a lot more of these arial type shots, but due to the limited access of roof tops I only got this one. Even this one shot proved to be more difficult than I thought it would. While most buildings have the doors locked to prevent you from accessing the roof, this one didn’t They even had a few tables and chairs to sit and hang out in. What you weren’t suppose to do was go past the little fenced area and onto the fire escape. But the fire escape is where I needed to go to get this shot, so out I went. I even managed to do an interview of myself on the fire escape.

But good things don’t last, and I eventually wound up staying on the roof to long and building maintenance came up and asked me what I was doing. Right when I thought I was going to be kicked off the roof, the maintenance guy said, “You want a really good shot your need to go up on top of there!” And he pointed to higher spot with a ladder on the side. It was higher, but it really wasn’t a good shot. I told him thanks and acted like I was filming, but really all the new angle provided was a shot of a lousy parking garage and the side of the neighboring building.