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I’ve probably used, talked about, written and lusted after messenger bags more than any other aspect of the job. Reason being as stated before is one uses their messenger bag more than even their bike. It sucks walking around instead of riding, but you feel absolutely naked without a bag on your back. I mean I don’t sleep with my bag on my back, but it’s not far from my bed. The important role bicycle messenger bags play in a messengers life can’t be stressed enough and that is why I dedicated both visually and with interviews a solid section or two about bags.

Here are a few bags from Freight Baggage in SF, they are featured in the film and are wonderful bags. The owner is an ex messenger and I love his story. He said he never bought a messenger bag. The day before he got the job as a messenger he just sewed his own bag. You could say the rest is history.

But there are as many bag makers out there as messengers to wear them. My first bag was a custom Timbuk2. It’s getting harder to find a strictly messenger style bag, as the market has grown so much to more of a laptop, hipster crowd. Which is really good for the bag manufacturer because hipsters and people who can afford laptops tend to spend more on a bag than messengers do!

Track II Backpack

While Crumpler tends to have smaller bags, they have always caught my eye. They do make a bigger bag, but I like the colors on the smaller models. Either way, if you mess with a bag it’s going to end up a shade of grey in a few months anyway, so it’s safe to go with a dark color.

Complete Seed

Ok, let’s get down to brass tacks. No other company in the world will customize your bag like RELOAD. I mean all you have to do is look at this picture below. “Ya, I want a bag with, like, Godzilla climbing up a volcano, oh yeah make G battle an electric skeleton while the volcano explodes!” Can you do that? Reload can.

Main Image

Anyone who knows anything about messenger bags will start the conversation off with one name. Eric Zo. Go to his SITE and see for yourself. I wish I could tell you more, he’s a movie in and of himself. I seriously think the guy can save the world.

You may not know the name Chrome, but you’ve probably seen them. “oh yeah, the one with the seat belt buckles.” They have a look and style of their own. They sponsor CycleHawk, the company Squid is part of, and are big supporters of the scene. I am posting a photo of my favorite Chrome bag, called the WARSAW. Warsaw, Polland also hosts CMWC’s this year.


I did not rank in any sort of order, but I will end with two more solid bags. The Ortlieb and Manhattan Portage. Both cool bags with different functions.

Shouler Bags

And Ortlieb, always wanted one, never bought one… yet. Great bag, great price.

Ortlieb Backroller Classic Panniers - Pair, Orange/Black, Size: Pair

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