Well I think if one interview stuck in my head it was when I asked Squid to talk about “Big Vision”. Even if someone doesn’t talk about their vision on a daily or weekly basis I think you can tell people have one. It’s something that gets you up every morning. I know when I started Aloha, and even for about 8 years I had such a big vision for being a bicycle courier that I thought the weekends were to long. I was so ready to get back to work by Sunday afternoon. That’s how much I loved it.


Two guys loving their job and their coffee.

Here is a picture of Mudflap (Left) and Reindeer Games (Right). Two guys who loved being messengers almost as much as their coffee breaks. Who can blame them? But your job doesn’t just have to have unlimited, unrestricted coffee breaks to make it fall into the “Big Vision” category. It’s a little bit of everything that just makes you feel like you were put on earth to do whatever it is that you do as your big vision. It’s late. I’m not making any sense to myself or anyone else. What do I know? Here are some more pictures for fun and I’m calling it a night.


This guy has the "big vision" for sure. He took over the reigns at Aloha.