Well I would like to say I knew exactly when, where and how the film will be for sale. Believe me when I say, “I want your money.” But more importantly I want to share the film. So in due time that will happen. It really is my first R0-de-o on the film feature film circuit. So while I thought all I had to do was figure out in a year how to make a movie, I’ve come to find out that now I need another year to figure out what it takes to distribute sed movie. Which is exciting in it’s own right and is every bit as much fun. So I won’t bore you with all that. Instead I will keep filling the archives with great video clips and stills from the wonderful world of life as a messenger.


Taking back the sidewalks one spot at a time

These are all pictures from some postcards I’m working on.


Willie Nelson in the Official Aloha T-shirt

Maybe the blessing and the curse of being a messenger is having to much time to think. On one hand it’s relaxing letting your mind wonder. On the other hand you start to think a lot about things that really don’t move you in a positive direction. Like, why did they close the Chinese restaurant across the street? That really pisses me off. You know I really liked getting food for 99 cents. Never mind how it made me feel the next morning. Never mind whether it was even real food. 99 cents!

Pat & chris

Pat and Chris on the court steps thinking up good ideas