Sylvester Stallone's Cliffhanger

Cliffhanger – one of Stallone’s best movies

Stallone plays a member of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Team who must locate five climbers stranded on top of a mountain as a storm closes in. The distress call that comes in turns out to be a trap set by international terrorists who have crashed landed into the mountainside, losing their valuable cargo. Now, they need the help of the rescue team to locate and retrieve three cases containing millions of dollars for them – at gunpoint.

For me, this is one of Stallone’s best films, directed by Renny Harlin (Deep Blue Sea, The Long Kiss Goodnight), what you get when you watch Cliffhanger is a good action that looks absolutely amazing. Not only is there plenty of action, but the story is actually pretty good to, ok, the script is very clunky in places and some of the acting is pretty dodgy, but overall the movie is fun. Of course Cliffhanger will never win any awards, but then it never pretends to be something its not. If you want to watch a film that’s slightly more than a no-brainer then this will do the job, Harlin keeps the action coming and Stallone does what he does best. Recommended.

in the mountain

Cliffhanger looks really good, the scenery and backdrops look incredible, the transfer is sharp and the film looks great in widescreen. The soundtrack matches the quality of the picture in that it’s also superb. When older movies are remastered they can often sound dated and often only the front three speakers are used. All five speakers are used to great effect that will shake your room. The plane crash and the landslide provide pure demo material. Be warned!

Being a Collector’s Series disc you get plenty of extra stuff here. You get 2 commentary tracks, one with Harlin and Stallone (recorded separately) and the other with the technical crew. Both are ok, but not being a big fan of commentaries, I won’t be revisiting. Next comes a short featurette, interviews with Stallone and other members of the cast. Deleted scenes with an explanation of why they were cut, although looking at them its quite easy to see why. “Special Effects: How it was done” provides a very interesting insight into how some of the set pieces were actually achieved. Finally, storyboards, photos, talent files and the trailer, which is pure class.

Cliffhanger is an enjoyable action you can watch online and on DVD. Great sound and visuals, plenty of explosions, what more could you want?