My Shed, a perfect interview location backdrop.

You may not ever think about how important every scene is shot and set up properly, but a film director does. In fact when you shoot a low budget film like this one for under 10K it’s the directors job to do everything. So, as the director and the location scout I chose to do my self interview in my shed. My shed is chalk full of bikes, both mine, my wife’s and my daughter’s. In fact, when my 3 year old first saw Career Courier (yes, I made her watch it) at this scene she said, “look daddy, my bike!” I think most bicycle messengers have a shed or spare room or area dedicated to the housing of all things bike. In fact, I can’t think of every meeting a messenger who doesn’t.

Tivoli Bar

Speaking of the perfect location. We chose The Tivoli Bar to film this scene for a few reasons. The first being that messengers really do go to this bar at all hours of the day. The second, they had this great outside seating area with lots of natural light. (My camera doesn’t do well inside) And third, they serve PBR on tap in pitchers. Now this scene was the culmination of a hard days work. Not the it’s ever to early to celebrate a hard days work I don’t want to give anyone the false impression that messengers drink beer all day. It’s just a job that you can or could drink a cold beer at any given hour of the day and not get in trouble or it even be consider odd. Try that Monday at your day job.

Testing new GoPro HD Surf camera mount

There may be no better, or more fun place to film than in the water. But this isn’t a surf film. However this is really a still from the film. I had just purchased the GoProHD camera to film a lot of my camera work while following messengers and such. It had attachments for a surfboard and was waterproof so I thought I would test it out one day while surfing. Turned out I got a lot of great shots, like this one. So, I selfishly found a way to work it in. Eat your heart out Bruce Brown.