How to be a bike messenger. Well it all starts with the right dress code or lack there of. The dress code has always been one of personal choice. But even that is changing. As far as I know you can still where just about anything you want at any messenger job in the world. But now a days the smaller outfits are getting organized. Cyclehawk seemed to lead the way with gathering sponsorship and some of the classiest looking company kits out there.

But as nice as Cyclehawk looks most messengers still are keeping it pretty casual. Here is a cross section of what your average San Diego messenger dresses like.


"I'm not wearing pants!"

Some messengers like Viola like to at least bring a little flare to the urban peleton. Here she is sporting her Kermit the Frog socks.



Not that I ever felt like a slob. But I didn’t go out of my way to over dress either. This was my standard uniform to messenger. Blue shorts until a hole wore in the butt, then I would switch them out for a pair of blue pants for the winter. Same shirt everyday, but I would just put a clean under shirt on.


Shorts summer.

Now it’s not all standing around, and all that riding and running will really give your close an equally good workout. Here is what happens to your shoes after about three months.


I call it ventilation



No long pants, holes in your shoes, messy hair. And the unfortunate part of this relaxed dress code is you are often forced to go to the bathroom here.


Executive Courier Washroom