Let me be the first to kick todays video and written blog off with an apology to Erik Zo with a “k” not a “c”. Yes true to all messenger related writings, flyers, t-shirts, posters and zines I have made a typo. Go figure. Now that is all behind us and we can somehow move on I will tell you a little about Erik with a “k” Zo. When I first set out to start a messenger company in 2000 I looked online and it appeared that Timbuk2 had the most legit, coolest and custom bags. It was years later (3 to be exact) that another messenger, Jeff Goin, came in my office and tossed an Erik Zo bag at me. He said, “$30 and it’s yours.” I didn’t know who Eric Zo was, but the bag was huge, and my Timbuk2 just wasn’t cutting it. I came to find out in later years that is was rumored Timbuk2 stole Erik Zo’s design and made millions leaving poor Erik selling bags on the street.

Now I should know better, but I don’t. So I pretty much believe everything I Google. I Googled “Erik Zo” and got this image. I’m pretty sure I would remember this guy if I had meet him. Or at least remember his “cousins”.

Erik Zo

This must be Eric Zo with a "c"

Now I have done zero research on any of this. And worse than that I am going strictly off of memory. Which if you ask my wife, she will be the first to tell you I’ve already lost most of my memory and all my marbles. So even though I met him and talked with him for about 15 minutes, I have no idea what Eric Zo looks like. But thanks to Google we can guess.


Erik Zo

Erick Zo? I don't think so, but I could be wrong. Bag looks familiar.

Well I think we are getting somewhere. Where I have no idea. Kind of like this blog. But all good things come with time and this is no different. So let’s stop and remind ourselves why we are even reading this blog in the first place. It’s suppose to be about THE WORLD’S GREATEST bicycle courier film. Discussing the merits of that claim will be discussed at a further time. For now I will tell you why CAREER COURIER is THE WORLD’S GREATEST BICYCLE COURIER FILM.


Ok, when I can come up with some good reason why I’ll lump them in with another blog. For now let’s stay on focus. Will the real Erik Zo please stand up?

Erik Zo

The best I can recall this is the real Erik Zo.