I don’t know which is the best way to go. Try to raise enough money to pay for everything you need done to complete a film. Or raising a pocketful of change and asking everyone under the sun to help you out on your project…. for free. I have little experience in the prior and much more experience in the latter. So this is why this weeks video blog is more or less a tribute and thanks to my friend Roberto. I think he knew I would be in New York City for a week to film Squid from CycleHawk, but I definitely know he had no idea I would end up staying with him all week. Although I sprung the request on him last minute (maybe an hour before the sun went down on my first night) he most graciously took me in and was a wonderful host.

This is a drastic contrast to a big studio budget and lifestyle. In 2007 the average big studio film cost around $106 million. I’m sure when they were filming out of town they didn’t have to sleep on their buddy’s couch. Now I couldn’t find the exact cost on “craft services” (this is just a fancy way of saying food catering) for an indie film. But I did find a site that quoted and extra $150 for an assistant if your cast and crew was larger than 30 people. My budget for food when on the road is shown below.

Breakfast $1.50

Lunch, 25¢ a piece. I usually like to eat a light lunch so let’s say $1.25


Dinner. Cost Vary’s. See below.

I don’t know this guy, but something tells me we’d get along. And if I’ve watched my calories all day I’ll splurge for a nice diner like he’s having. Cost varies dependent on the part of the country you are in. If you are in the land of hipsters PBR can cost you a pretty penny. If you are in Portland they just give them away for free. And when they aren’t giving them away they are making plans in which the Benson Bubblers flow with beer all day.

Well, usually my blog post is somewhat relevant to my video blog post. So I will make a crazy wrap around here and head back to where I started. I made the film for very little money. Which means what money you do raise needs to be allocated wisely. In my 30 days on the road I did get a hotel for one night. Other than that I rarely ate out. And I slept on any couch that was inside and available for the evening. Thanks to all who helped me out with couches and hot meals.