Trouble coffee and water

When I went to San Francisco in hopes of capturing the spirit of the bicycle messenger bag I wound up heading out to the Ocean Beach area for an interview with Ellie Lum of RE Load Bags. I arrived early, and it was cold, and I was in real need of coffee. I would normally just ride my bike around and look for a coffee shop, but I was without bike and on foot so I used my iPhone instead. Trouble Coffee was the closest to Ellie’s house. While in Trouble I ran into Erik Zo for the first time. Which if you google his name you will read why that was serendipitous. Ok, here’s the point, Trouble coffee is a really cool coffee shop and if you are in Ocean Beach, SF look them up.

Bike Rack Freight Company Parking Lot

I have been writing, talking and posting a lot of San Francisco related stuff due to the upcoming shows at 450 Harrison on June 11th, 7:00PM and Sunday June 12th (around 6?) at the Women’s Building. So the picture above is another still from my time filming messenger bag company’s in SF. This was taken outside of Freight Baggage.

I love a company where 100% of the company rides there bike to work. When you ride your bike to work you are almost always guaranteed a good parking spot.

A Night on the floor in SF

Before heading to SF for two days I had spent 8 days in New York City. So to say the least I was exhausted by the time my first night rolled around in SF. To add to the stress I had not arranged a place to stay. Lucky for me Squid in NYC told me to look up the crew at Push Bike SF I did, and within 10 minutes the owners Ian and Sarah said I could crash at their place. When I got back there I fell asleep at 7:15 in front of the TV. I think we were “watching” Jeopardy. Anyway, the picture above my ramblings is from Sarah and Ian’s house. Good folk, good bags!