When my wife and I first met I think the first thing we did was go surfing. Second thing we did was go to a Willie Nelson show, third thing we did… went to Pirates of the Caribbean. And during our dating and into early marriage we went to the movies a lot. And we rented movies a lot. And one thing I always said was that if I ever shot a movie I would get a helicopter shot. Now, I didn’t get the helicopter shot I envisioned, but none-the-less I paid for a helicopter tour of NYC so I could get my shot. Manhattan is like no other city. To see it you must be on the streets, but to appreciate it’s grandeur you must be in the air.

New York City From Above

To see the city you really must be on the city streets. It costs a lot to ship your bike around all over the country while making a film. And since I spent all my money on helicopter rides and soft pretzels from street vendors I borrowed Squids basket bike while I was filming and exploring Manhattan. You may not smell it right away, but it doesn’t take long to realize that NYC can smell like a big hot trash can. Real Oscar the Grouch kinda stuff. Plus it doesn’t help when it’s 100 degrees out and you get stuck behind a trash truck.


Bumper Cars bike messenger movie

I knew I would be borrowing a bike in NYC, so I also borrowed what is referred to as a chain lock. And I’m not talking about on of those locks with the 4 numbers you spin and line up to your “secret” code so no one runs off with your new Huffy. I’m talking the kind of lock that would make a lumber jack proud. (That is if a lumber jack needed to lock up his chainsaw.) While I had a lock, the photo above is of Squid’s bike and big bad lock and chain. Of all five city’s I filmed in, NYC is the only one that required a lock this size. In San Francisco you can use a standard u-lock, in San Diego a shoe string works fine if you can tie a good boline knot and in Portland if your bikes unlocked they assume you are to busy drinking dollar pints of PBR to lock up and consider it poor form to steal your bike.

Bike Lock in New York City