When I set out to film Career Courier the only thing I knew for sure was that James Adamson would play a big role in the film. The reason being is James makes me laugh. And I like films that make me laugh. I like pretty much most documentaries. But I didn’t want to make one that made me, or you, feel bad.

You know the type.

Those documentaries that make you feel bad for going to the grocery in a car and buying food that somehow isn’t even really food and in the end they imply all your bad decisions are ruining the world we live in and there is no hope for the future of man kind. You walk out of the theatre trying to decide if they are right or you wasted ten bucks?

I have asked James to help me from here on out in contributing to the blog as he has time. Three reasons. Reason one is no one likes riding bikes more than James. Reason two he is a good writer. Reason three, he is a big part of the film, and he broke his pelvis and sends me text messages from his couch all day long and is driving me crazy. So I will attempt to harness his creative energy and bordom into sharing more detailed facets of messenger life while he recovers from his couch in Portland.

To kick off the first of his contributions I am linking an article that was written by James and published in Oregon Cycling Action. Surely you’ve heard of it? You haven’t? Click this LINK and read James’ first blog post.

Work to eat, eat to live, live to ride, ride to work… or keep riding past work