Being a one man movie machine requires you to where all the hats. Which I don’t mind. It also allows for a lot of spontaneity. Which I don’t mind either. For example, I never thought in a million years I would get a shot of New York City from a helicopter. Did I want the shot? Heck ya! I’d be a rich man if I had a nickel for every time I sat on the couch watching a movie with my wife and said, “when I make a feature length movie I will have an arial shot.” But like most of my movie, the arial shot came as an unplanned bonus to the film. I was in New York filming and had planned to take a Friday to just go around the city and get B-roll. I cleared it with the production manager, me. I asked the second unit director what he thought? He/I said, “Go for it.” And of course from there it was all downhill. I had just riden over the Manhattan bridge from Brooklyn and was heading to the Staten Island Ferry. I heard the ferry was free and would also provide a great perspective of lower Manhattan. “Free” equals good in my book so I headed over to the landing, when as fate would have it a young man told me I could get a helicopter tour instead. Of course I wanted to. But better judgement told me to save my money, be practical and stick to the plan. I rode to the ferry, parked my bike, walked in and got in line for the ferry. Then I said to myself, “Self, when have you ever accomplished anything by being practical?” (Now I still think sticking to a plan is good, but even then you have to be flexible.”) So I got out of line and rode straight over and got on a 20 minute helicopter tour of the city. Now I’m sure the ferry would have had good perspective also. Next time.

BONUS ALERT: Get ready for some fun. My creative sensibilities are getting restless. And while this blog is about the film Career Courier, it is also about being a director and creating. So I don’t bore you all to death rehashing the glory days of bike messenger life I will be attempting to post one fun little movie each week. Now these will all be shot within an hour and edited rather quickly. Don’t expect to see scene’s from Career Courier II. But expect some fun and hopefully some exploration on film and video. This weeks film will be my first surf film entitled, “SURF CHECK”.