There is a big bicycle manufacturer with the slogan, “I AM SPECIALIZED.” ¬†And while most messengers “feel” special, their bank accounts don’t, and are a long way away from being able to afford all the name brand wonderfully engineered (overpriced) equipment that makes one “SPECIALIZED”. For starters their most popular pair of black mountain bike shorts cost around $90.

Now I can get a pair of Dickie brand shorts for $20 and will last at a full year. That is wearing them everyday. (I never change my shorts. Wear them 5 days a week, wash, repeat.) I can almost guarantee that the $90 will have a hole in the ass within two months. Not that I’ll ever spend $90 finding out. So we will never know. But bike messengers do shell out some dough sometimes to buy cycling specific gear. In this picture below I show Josh wearing cycling gloves and shoes. The rest of his equipment is standard and comfortable.

cycling shoes and gloves


Equipment for a bike messenger boils down to what works. What defines what work is what is comfortable and doesn’t wear out. There is no better person to test equipment for daily use than a messenger. Like I said before, we aren’t scared to wear the same thing everyday, and we don’t take our equipment out for a one hour weekend ride. We take it out for every waking hour of the week. (Sometimes we are even known to sleep in it.) Below Kurt Boone shows us on the “runway” he prefers a pair of Chucks and Levi’s.

Converse Allstars & Levi's 501's

Now when the work week is over there are two things James likes to do to relax. Drink more coffee and go on 100+ mile road rides. Both Saturday and Sunday you will find James racking up more mileage on his equipment. And since these rides require no messenger bag or lock you will find James busting out the all spandex kit. No shame in that. No shame in that.

Cycling Spandex