Part of all creativity is inspiration. The movie that inspired me visually was Sergio Leone’s THE GOOD THE BAD THE UGLY.┬áThis movie from a cinematic standpoint was my biggest inspiration. I loved the opening scene when it’s blue sky and then full screen and ugly cowboy comes into the scene. If you haven’t seen it then rent it. Or just wait until my film is for sale and buy it, then you will pretty much get what I’m talking about.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Poster

I mentioned in the video blog that Dolly Porton and the movie 9-5 did not inspire me but rather just got mixed up in the pile. But on closer inspection of the video title I think in her own special way Dolly Porton did inspire me. Most of that inspiration came 30 years ago when I was ten. I thought Dolly was one heck of a woman.

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I’ve noticed my word count getting a little bit to hi lately. I’ve promised to keep these blogs short and to the point. So I will end with the greatest bicycle themed movie of all time. Maybe one of the greatest movies on it’s own. BREAKING AWAY. It won an Oscar for best screenplay. I feel it should have swept the Oscars in every category. I’m sure every 10 year old boy in 1979 felt the same. UNITE! This was really a coming of age movie. But I felt the underlying theme’s of Dave Stollers love for bicycles and everything Italian really stole the show.

Breaking Away

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But let’s not forget the predecessors that come before Career Courier. Like Red Light Go and Pedal. Two great bicycle messenger documentary’s in their own right.

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