When you make a film you have to stay focused. And often focused means not only your subject matter and unique angle to that subject matter, it means you stay within the borders of your own country. Very few people know that there is a World Cycle Messenger World Championship held every year. Each year a host city is selected and they host a world wide gathering of messengers. Attendance is usually pretty good too. Around 1,000 messengers from all over the world will gather to celebrate their occupation and race bikes. Host city’s in the past have been NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, Berlin, London, and this year Warsaw, Poland. (Just to name a few.) So it is with obvious regret that I was unable to go all over the world to film, interview and meet bicycle couriers from all points of the globe.

I have however attended two of these CMWC’s events in the states so here are a few photo’s from the event in NYC 2005. First of course is a photo of the bikes all lined up to race. You might think all they do at this event is hang out, but there is actually a race that has a lot pride at stake.

Main Race

This is what is called a le mans start.

It would have been every messengers dream to shut the streets down in lower Manhattan and race around all Sunday. But that wasn’t in the cards. We did however get a permit to race in Jersey. That’s not to say that Alleycats didn’t take place on the live streets… or that the Jersey event started on time.

Jersey Shore

My wife and I from the Jersey side.

It’s always a sort of mele deciding who the winner actually is. So they gave it to the cutest racer. Good job!


Sweet Victory is hers.

If it sounds to go to be true it is. Sometimes. But not at Capones. Every beer you ordered you get a free pizza. Seriously, every beer. I don’t remember where this place was except somewhere in Brooklyn. Now I know why everyone loves Brooklyn.


Can you say free pizza?

I know this sound crazy, but it’s true. Yes, even better than the pizza and beer at Capone’s. But each year at CMWC’s at least one person rides their bike all the way to the event. Even if the event is in NYC and the person lives in Texas. When my wife and I arrived someone told me some guy road his bike to the event from Texas. Turns out he was a friend of mine from San Diego! He built up a bike, road it to NYC and just left it on the side of the road for “charity”. Now my wife and I didn’t ride all the way as seen in the photo below. We shipped our bikes there.

Bike in a Box

Rule number one, don't carry your bike, ride it.