Today’s vblog is titled “Energy Flow”. But what it should really be titled is, “Find something you love to do. Don’t find a job. A job is something someone else loves and needs help so they pay you a few bucks to “help” them follow their dreams and pursue their passion. What you need to do is find your passion, pursue it and if you somehow are lucky and focussed long enough then you might make a living doing what you love. When this happens you love to work because work isn’t work. It’s fun.” But that “title” was to long so I called it energy flow. Well, it’s time to be honest. I loved running a messenger company. Somewhere along the way I feel out of love with it. When that happened all the hard work in the world wasn’t going to save Aloha Bicycle Courier’s ultimate dimise. And that’s ok. Here are some pictures of the “good old days”.

Courier Downtime

Viola taking a break when she wants for as long as she wants.

Break time really is a big factor in the messenger way of life. It’s a job where you are rewarded for intensity. You have work, you get it done as fast as you can and you just sit around until it starts to rain again. When it rains it pours. Not in James’ case in the photo below. James and I went through a period we called the desert.

Courier Reading

This is why most couriers are couriers. They just can't handle a real job.