I tried writing a more formal script for my documentary. With ideas on places to shoot and questions and themes to follow. I think it was around 40 pages. I have no idea because once I wrote it I never printed it or read it again. What I did do is keep a sketchbook with me at all times. If I had an idea I would draw it out or write it in my sketchbook to hash out in greater detail at a further date. Here are a few of those sketches.

I am sure I misspelled a name or left someone out and for that I am sorry. But I tried keeping track of all the help that was giving and give credit where credit was due. And here is proof.


The first shall come last and the last first

This is one of my favorite sketches. I drew this while Billy was over at my place recording the soundtrack. Billy can play just about anything so I asked him to play the banjo. Of course, bicycle messenger film, why wouldn’t you have banjo music? I told James I was thinking of having some banjo music in the film but didn’t know if it would feel right. James said, “it’s your movie right? put the banjo in. In fact you should have an all banjo soundtrack.” Well I didn’t go that far.


This is Billy playing banjo for the soundtrack.

One of these days, maybe my next film, I will convince a graphic designer with much more talent than me to take over my poster and dvd design. But until then I will keep hacking it out. This is what I based the poster on.


This is a rough sketch which I based the movie poster on.

The last sketch I did on the road. I wasn’t gone a lot. I think in the course of a year I was gone for about 30 days. The most at one time was 9 days. It’s really not a lot for making a film in a year. But I sure did miss my family when I was on the road. And there is no one I like to draw pictures of more than the two girls in my life.


That's me, my wife, and daughter in the middle of my "credits layout" sketch