Making a movie is both fun and challenging. Much like learning to surf is. And like surfing, the more challenging something is the more rewarding and satisfying it is. Although I have yet to reap any monetary reward for Career Courier I can honestly say it’s been one of the most rewarding challenges in my life. (I learned to surf too but have yet to make any money at that either.) Unlike surfing which I had to learn pretty much on my own I had some support in the journey. Sky at VeloCult in San Diego has always been a big supporter of my messenger company. Anytime one of my guys would go into his shop he would give them a discount. In fact I think he gives most messengers a discount. But don’t try printing this blog and getting a bro deal. When it came to raising a few bucks Sky was the first to pony up and host a fundraiser at his shop.

Here is a video of another soon to be released messenger film made in Vancouver… looking for money. But even if you are broke, watch the trailer, it’s pretty good.

A bunch of other cool bike related projects are cropping up. Or should I say “cool ass” project.

CLICK HERE  to see.

Ok, that’s it for tonight. Hope you are having a great week. And if you aren’t then go into your garage and pump up those tires and ride your bike. No bike?Then steal one. Just kidding. Borrow one. I am sure their are more bikes than Americans in this country. And if you still can’t find a bike email me and I’ll find you a bike. Just kidding again. Seriously, you still can’t find a bike? If you give your car away New Belgium Brewery would probably give you a bike. They love doing stuff like that.