I talk to much. I have been attempting to limit my gab, because it isn’t a gift. I find myself droning on and on to the look of deers in the headlights. So, today’s vblog I tell my entire story of how I became a bike messenger in UNDER one minute. Or really close to that. I know, I can hardly believe it either. How we wind up living where we live, work where we work and befriend those we call our friends is always a fascinating story to me. In fact today at lunch I listened to the story of a coworker. His dad is English, his mom Germany, he was born in Canada, he went to school in Ohio and Georgia and now lives and works in San Diego. So that turned out to be a good story. And speaking of story’s lets talk more about bicycle messengers and their story’s. I will delve into my stockpile of photo’s and dig up a visual story real quick.

There was nothing I loved more than when the messengers in San Diego would wear the Aloha Company T-Shirt to work. Priceless and a complement beyond words. Maybe it had to do with the fact they were cool shirts or maybe it had more to do with I gave them away for free.


This is the time Pinky got his nickname "Pinky" It's the hair.

It’s not that I’ve never shaved my legs or that I don’t like to shave my legs. It’s actually quiet nice to shave your legs and then climb in bed. I should know I swam competitively through my youth and shaved my whole body. So legs were the least of my worries. But when I became a messenger I saw some other messengers shaving their legs because they were racing road bikes and working as a messenger. Now if you don’t know why racers shave I’ve been told it is much easier to clean out cuts and road rash from crashes on shaved as opposed to hairy legs. Makes sense. I was also told it’s easier to receive massages with bare as opposed to hairy legs. I had no pro masseuse so I don’t know how that feels and will have to trust my sources.

No Shave Legs

Not all cyclists shave their legs. This one didn't

If I had a nickel for every person that told me they were excited I was running a “green” business I could have stopped working and just hauled my nickels to the bank. I never intended to be environmental. My intention was to have a job that I would NEVER have to drive a car. And for the most part that was true. I didn’t drive. But every now and then I would try to ride that “enviro bandwagon” and use it in my marketing. It never felt true to me. I felt dirty and deceitful. Because to be honest I just wanted to be a bike courier for every reason other than environmental. I just did what I did, call it what you want.

green courier

always striving to be environmental. LOL

environmental courier

environmental transportation, that's my motto. LOL