FedEx vs. The Bike Courier


Every messenger and messenger company employee knows and understands why it’s so important to have “same day” service. It’s because while sometime this week might be ok for a small business to have a packaged delivered in a town of 10,000 where life moves a little slower, it’s not always the best plan of action in the big city. For example, if a building is being built and the engineer can’t begin engineering until the architect sends the plans, well then we all know the builder can’t begin building until they have the numbers and plans from the engineer and architect and the city still has to approve all this. So the minute the architect is done they must send them to the engineer and engineer to the job site and so on. By keeping the ball rolling so to speak millions are saved in time and time is money.

And that is why is always burns my bacon when a client would FedEx something two blocks away. It costs more to use FedEx and it’s slower! But the reason they do it is because it’s easier for them to just package it up with the other stuff going hundreds of miles away that night than to add one more step to their process and pick up the phone to call a bike messenger. Alas… I drone on.