Premium Rush

Premium Rush – a bike messenger movie you must watch

You really must watch Premium Rush. Whether you love bicycles that ride on the city streets or you secretly want to run down every damn cyclist you see on the road, you will enjoy this movie. Why? Because it’s authentic. Kudos to director David Koepp on his screenplay and movie Premium Rush. He must have done his homework when making it.

How do I know?

I was a bike messenger for 11 years. I was rarely ever nervous or scared on the streets darting in and out of traffic. Yet Mr. Koepp captured the thrill excitement and danger, without being cheesy, as if you were on the bike or in the cab. There were times I really jumped in my seat thinking a cyclist was going to get hit by a car. The stunts were amazing. And how do you show on film the 6th sense of a being a courier and “Just Knowing” where to cut as a car bumper grazes your pedal? The director and his crew pulled it off with amazing motion graphics.

Special effects aside though, the characters were authentic. But when you use real NYC bike messengers as extra’s they can’t be anything but authentic. Looking and sounding.

Notable Scenes

Raj, dispatcher played by Aasif Mandvi, asks two messengers to take an after hours delivery they properly responds, “Can’t, got to get hammered.”
Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon) approaches Wilee and try’s to intimidate him, Wilee calls him a d-bag and rides off. Wilee is the star of course played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush

Watch online Premium Rush for free and know it truly captured the attitude and bravado of the bicycle messenger. Mr. Koepp even brilliantly wrote into the film that some couriers are trapped in the job not for a love of it, but for lack of options. Such is the case of Wilee’s girlfriend Vanessa played by Dania Ramirez.

Sure, I’ve never heard of a courier “caught up” in under world dealings revolving the Chinese mafia, gambling and human trafficking but hey it’s Hollywood and we would have been bored if this full movie were an 86 minute documentary on the “real life” of a messenger.