The “Official” trailer for Premium Rush staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt just got uploaded a few days ago. For those not looking at bike porn everyday it’s the new movie by Sony Pictures shot on location in New York in the summer of 2010. I know because I was in New York film Career Courier the same week they were auditioning extra’s. Also on that note, Squid who is in Career Courier, is rumored to have a cameo in Premium Rush. But enough talk, and believe me this new trailer has enough great stuff to blog about for months, let’s look at the trailer.

For today I am just going to start out with the basic question I got from a friend, “Is Premium Rush a real term used with messengers and courier company’s?” The answer is yes and no. A messengers delivery is based on two things, time and distance. I’m sure there are codes for distance, but in the bike game the most important information is “how soon”. There are usually hard and fast time lines that are not subject to any leeway. In other words, 60 minutes is 60 minutes, not 61 minutes. Usually in the downtown area a slow delivery you have 2 hours to get down. We use to call this the “Econo” Short for economy of course. Then there is the “Rush” which might need to be done in an hour. The next fastest time frame would be a 30 minute delivery. I’ve heard some companies call this the “Domino” originating from the time when the chain pizza joints would guarantee a delivery in 30 minutes or your money back. Finally we arrive at the answer to our question. The 15 minute delivery is about the tightest most companies will quote something. Call it what you want, a TURBO, WHIZZO, SLAMMER, ASAP, GUNSHOT or “PREMIUM RUSH”. It’s referred to as a delivery that needs to get there quick.

Now I’m familiar with the plot (I read the screenplay, details later to come) and the trailer suggests that the pick up is made at 5:30 and needs to get there by 7:00PM. That’s 90 minutes. So why a “Premium Rush” not clear on that one. Maybe it’s priced “Premium” because it’s after normal business hours. I can buy that.  Either way, this movie is going to rock. I can’t wait.