Quitting time

It’s been a little over a year since I got off the bike as a full time messenger. And life sure has changed from a bike riding standpoint for me. Now I regularly get dropped on my Tuesday night mountain bike ride, I ride my road bike home from work once a week (I drive the rest of the time) and the only time I carry 30 lbs. packages behind me is when I can convince my 4 year old daughter to let me take her for a bike ride in her bike trailer.

It was after my Tuesday night bike ride with new friends when someone asked me if I would still be bike messengering if the business was still there like it was in “the good old days.” I said no. I know why I quit. The money dried up, I was sick of being outside in the elements all day everyday year round and sometimes you just need a new challenge. But more than that I wonder how those guys do it for 20 or 30 years? I tried answering that question with my movie but I don’t think I found those answers. I can speculate but that would just be my opinion. And we all know what opinions are like.