“I don’t know anything about music, in my line of work you don’t have to.” – Elvis Presley. 

When it comes to the films soundtrack I think this quote sums it up the best. I don’t consider myself a skilled musician. But I know how powerful music can be in a film. And I think we’ve all sat in a theater when the music kicks in and we either start to laugh, cry or cheer. And I also know that paying for the rights to use music in your film can be astronomically high. 

So in order to get the music I needed I had to be resourceful. It wasn’t really that hard. I just picked up my guitar, thought back on a few country songs I had written about love gone wrong and changed the words to reflect life as a bicycle messenger. Then I had a very talented musician name Billy Shaddox come over to my house. I set up a microphone, sat him in the middle of the room, gave him a beer and a shot of tequila, put a rough cut of the film on the TV and said, “Go Billy Go!”  A few hours later Billy had single handedly written 9 more original songs for the film.

You can download a free song from the site, or even buy the whole soundtrack if you like. Either way, make sure you check out tomorrows blog and I’ll play you one of Billy’s songs.