I never set out to capture skating or surfing. But when you are filming a documentary you wind up “documenting” pretty much everything and then deciding what relates to the film and what doesn’t. In the midst of a week in New York City I was visually overwhelmed at all the makes up Manhattan. My last afternoon in the Big Apple I was sitting at a cafe relaxing and thinking of anything but this film. Then a horde of over 100 skaters went by. I grabbed my camera and shot it. You have to see the film to see how it works within the film, but skaters did make the film about messengers.



Well it wasn’t the only non bike related sport that made it in the film. I had just purchased a GoProHD camera and it had a surf mount. So I stuck it to the end of my board and filmed an afternoon of surfing. I never had any intention of putting this footage in the film. Until Jeff talked about how I picked a city to start a bike messenger company in that met my criteria of where I wanted to live. That criteria being I wanted to surf.


Well, it’s high time in my long winded blog to get around to showing a still of the bike riding. This was my first attempt at getting a unique camera angle on the bike, and it turned out to be my favorite.