Well there is a good reason we don’t like watching our dad’s 47 minute home video of aunt Margo’s 35th wedding anniversary party. Because it has not been edited! Straight footage can be great for family memories. Heck, every Christmas my dad use to get out the old screen, projector and slide projector, mom would pop corn and we would sit there laughing and looking at over a thousand slides from family vacations and birthdays. I thought it was the best. But when you aren’t a part of that family, or you weren’t there, well it gets boring. So the clip today has not been edited. It tells no story and you weren’t there. So maybe it will bore you to tears. But there is something neat about how 8mm film looks. And since I only shot two minutes of it in NYC I just put it up to take a look.

Back to some photo’s of postcards I’ve made for Aloha Bicycle Courier. Some times the messengers really do dress up. Sometimes. Not that often though. I wore a suit and tie one day and it just wasn’t the most comfortable clothing selection to ride around in all day.


I like to dress up every now and then


I think of all the photo’s I’ve taken the best are always as the sun is going down. Great shadows occur with the bike.


The magic hour