I’m not going to outline the film, but I will say that there is some religious art within the film. And on a more spiritual note, I feel the film plucks at the heartstrings of any person who is challenged within themselves and struggling to find and follow their passions in life. I have received some feedback from a few bicycle messengers throughout the country who have stated that the film hits the nail on the head in regards to how it really feels to love and struggle as a bicycle messenger. But I think it crosses many more boundaries than a film about just one career and that it is relatable in just about every avenue of life.

What couriers all have in common is they ride a bicycle, no two couriers that I’ve meet have the same bike. So I interviewed my good friend Jesus and asked him what he would have riden if he were a bicycle messenger.



I don’t think the average messenger follow’s the advices from Jesus Christ, nor does the average messenger ride a road bike. Most, whether hip or not tend to ride fixed gears. If you don’t know, these bike have one gear, and usually no brakes. Although there is no shame in having a front brake on your bike, you will most likely have a little higher street “cred” if you go brakeless. You may also have slightly higher health insurance premiums. That was suppose to be funny because bicycle messengers don’t have health insurance. Ok, enough jokes. This is one of Jeff Kidder’s fixed gear bikes that is featured in the movie.