Basket BIke

James going for the "record" on the basket bike

Ok, I am bending to the demands of the all powerful consumer. (Both of them.) It’s time to think about selling this film. I know you all were waiting to see it at a “Theater Near You.” I too was hoping for that. A world tour and the works. But since this is my first film it’s time to get it out there. It’s not changing the world for the better (or worse) sitting on the shelf at my house. So stay posted and look for the announcement. Most likely you will be able to purchase straight from the website and then from other outlets such at Amazon etc.

Now for the comment on the picture. The boxes were empty for photo purposes only. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t haul boxes of equal or greater value. But why haul em if you don’t have to. This was a staged photo for promotion. James and I had just bought this basket bike and were sick of people wondering if we could haul big boxes.